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Guild Mandate

This is an update for new and old members to be reminded of the current Guild Mandate:

To concentrate on 10 man content to build a core group of players who work well together. Long term will be 25 man. We raid but don't want it to be your life.

We believe more in a good team, rather than good loot.

Loot is officer assigned for the time being and changes to handling loot are being discussed at the moment.

If you are new member and have not yet registered to the forums, please do so, communication is key as there are often important guild topics being discussed.

Ventrilo information is available in the Guild Information tab in game. Please try to wear a headset for raids...

I will update announcements as much as needed...

by Makresh, Saturday, 27 December 2008 15:04, Comments(0)

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