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Sept 18...We Cometh


For over a year, we have wandered....for over a year, we have searched....and for over a year, we have...hungered. The remains of a shattered bastion of power, collect again at the doorsteps of war. It is here, and it is now, where Dominus shall etch its history and myth in the worlds of Warhammer. It is here, and it is now, where we bind together again, and enter a new world, a world ripe for conflict and ripe for destruction. The scenario is perfect, and the time could not be better. The call hath been placed, and it has been answered. The vortex shall be opening soon, and we shall give overselves over to the world of Warhammer Online...


***** Headstart Details! *****

Can't get enough of Open Beta but you're ready to finally start your journey in the Age of Reckoning?
Starting Sunday, September 14th all Collectors Edition Pre-Order players will be invited to join us as we kick off WAR and officially end Open Beta.
On Tuesday, September 16th all Standard Edition Pre-Order players will join the ranks of Collectors Edition players as we prepare to release WAR to the world next Thursday, September 18th.
Make sure you've used your Open Beta code to download the client from FilePlanet and have registered your Head Start code in the Mythic Account Center so you don't miss a minute of action!

WAR is Coming - We'll see you there!




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