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Dominus Downs Gruul

Part two of the Gruul's Lair encounter was completed on Monday, March 26th. Gruul was slain by the dominus force. This encounter, as most people may know, is a dps race, and a gear check on your raid. Killing Gruul before he kills your main tank, off tank, and your raid. 3.3 million hit points in about 6 minutes or damage on the main tank becomes a bit unbearable. On one of our attempts I got hit for about 10K, normal damage. Its balls to wall dps, ala, patchwerk...keel him before he keels you...

 Loots went as follows:

- Lovetofarm : Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer

- Seiqua : Leggings of the Fallen Champion

- Speedzz : Eye of Gruul


Dominus is Recruiting 

3 Paladin (Holy)

1 Priest (Holy)

2 Druid (Restoration)

1 shaman (Restoration)

2 Warlock

1 Hunter

To apply make an account on the forums then send an in game message to Draajen, Amagon or Kap in order ot get access to put an application up.

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