Dominus Downs Firemaw

VERY good work Dominus, on our 3rd day of attempts on Firemaw we downed the bastard, with only 35 people as well. It seemed we just needed a few refines on the main tank, and off tank healing and its GG Firemaw. Loots were, Rejuvenation Gem to Abhorsen, and Claw of the Black Drake to Deadun. Again very good work, and we begin work on Ebonroc, after the holidays. Take Care and we will see you all later....

by Mael, Saturday, 24 December 2005 07:48, Comments(0), read all
Vegas Raid Successful

Our Raid to Vegas was successful we only got one epic and it was sold to Draajen for 300 DKP Mael was bidding but I gave him a dirty look and he stopped.



The loot:

ZOMG Lootz

by Draajen, Wednesday, 21 December 2005 17:04, Comments(0), read all
High Warlord Threkk!

Congratulations Threkk for achieving the rank of High Warlord. This achievement required countless hours of dedication and no one deserved it more than him. Dominus is proud of their High Warlord. Once again-awesome job, Threkk.

by Auriga, Wednesday, 14 December 2005 02:45, Comments(0), read all
Dominus Downs Broodlord

Broodlord DownedDominus Downs Broodlord Laylasher on Dec. 8th, 05. Gratz to everyone in Dominus for the continued dedication to succeeding. We got the bastard on our 4th real attempt. Thank You very much to our healers for a amazing job picking up the healing in a phenomenal way. We went from a 66% wipe to a 28% wipe, then on our second attempt today we got him down. Drops went like this....

- Bloodfang Boots (Aduh)

- Boots of Transcedence (Famine)

- Lifegiving Gem (Dannyboy)

Firemaw....your next big fella...

by Mael, Friday, 09 December 2005 05:40, Comments(0), read all
Azuregos Downed...Finally

Azuregos HeadAzuregos was downed on December 3rd, 2005 by Dominus. I know for some people this is a moot point, but consider that there is currently over a dozen guilds that can take him down with great ease, this accomplishment to take him out, is deceptively harder then most people think. So another World Boss is downed by Dominus and we can safely notch this one under our belt. Gratz goes out to Nezzinda for his new Cold Snap, Kap for his Arcane Leggings of Supremency, and Koln for attaining the last of his items for the hunter quest. You got your sinew brother. Also thanks goes out to those leet out of guild players who helped us take him down. Who will be next....Focus on the Broodlord currently....

Congratulations this week also goes out to Deadun for his completed Sulfuras! Time to smack some Alli! We would like to give a big thanks to Brimstone Dragons and Reason for helping make this happen.

by Mael, Sunday, 04 December 2005 07:05, Comments(0), read all
Mael has returned

Mael, everyone's favourite Canadian is back, from a month long, trek to Poland. I would like to personnally give everyone in Dominus, a huge congradulations to a job very, well done indeed. I was floored, literally...when I read Draajen's post about Razorgore, Thundreen....and then a couple days later, Vael, then the Eye....I must take more vacations. Anyways, if you guys can accomplish that off the momentum of the Ragnaros kill...well i'm here to inject some motivational mojo, into you guys. I understand, Black Wing Lair is a hell of a grind on a person's emotional stability, well...We Go Again folks, We Go Again.....

by Mael, Tuesday, 29 November 2005 06:12, Comments(0), read all
Hakkar Down and Phat Loots!

Eye The past couple of weeks have been very successful. Hakkar was taken down with "easy," Deadun is the lucky owner of an Eye of Sulfuras and Cathmor holds a bad ass blade .

by Thazul, Saturday, 26 November 2005 10:39, Comments(0), read all
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Slain!

Icon A mere five days after Razorgore's defeat, Dominus has sucessfully slain one of the hardest bosses of Blackwing Lair: Vaelastrasz . Nefarian's minions shall feel the wrath of Dominus as we move on from our fallen foe and proceed to Broodlord Lashlayer. We also received a rare BWL drop off trash mobs.

by Auriga, Friday, 18 November 2005 08:16, Comments(0), read all
Thok Gets Thunderfury

Icon With Thunderaan down and the pieces combined, Thok creates Thunderfury!! A BIG thank you goes out to Auphan for helping make this possible.

by Draajen, Sunday, 13 November 2005 03:27, Comments(0), read all
Bindings of the Windseeker

On 11/05/05 Thok got his 2nd half of the Bindings of the Windseeker.

by Draajen, Monday, 07 November 2005 01:54, Comments(0), read all
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