Dominus Slays High King Maulgar

Dominus has offical entered the 25 man raid circuit with High King, Maulgar, slain. A relatively easy fight on paper, the difficulty being in stablizing the initial pull, and keeping your "tanks" alive. The fight requires 1 main tank, 1 mage tank, 2 hunter tanks, 1 tank on the priest, and 1 tank, 2 warlock tanks on the warlock add. Most of our problematic situations came in dealing with the warlock add himself, after we fine tuned some placement, and adjusted our own warlocks, the fight came together...burning down the priest and warlock, before you raid suffers is the true key, as in the fight became so easy once those to adds where dead...

 Gratz to...

Blackerdeath - Bladespire Bracers

Scyer - Pauldrons of the Fallen Champion

Next on the menu, back into Karazhan to complete that instance.


Dominus Recruitment Status:

Paladin - 1

Rogue - 1

Hunter - 1

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Dominus Awakens from its Slumber...

All great things rest, all great things lie dorment, and all great things rise. Like a burning phoenix from the ashes of its own accord Dominus has risen.

The Burning Crusade is upon us, and we venture towards the haunting call of the Dark Portal. Illidan screams at us, "You are not Prepared"... maybe not yet, but soon, very soon. I salute everyone of you who has stayed with Dominus, whether you are new or old, you are considered a friend and a member of this gaming family. Hold fast in your faith in Dominus, the time is upon us, this is our moment. We shall rise, like we always do, to be feared, loved, and hated. To be praised, to be hailed, and to be a vision to behold. Outlands will change the scope of World of Warcraft gaming as we may know it. We like it -- bring on the challenge, we shall prevail...I SAY WE SHALL PREVAIL.

Very soon we shall assess our ranks and begin forming our elite raiding group, the cap is at 25, which Draajen and myself both feel, is a blessing. This number will be more manageable to deal with and I promise you, Dominus will be one of the forerunners in elite raiding on Kil'Jaeden. And with that I shall see you in game..."I Dominus".

Amagon - Warrior of Dominus


Dominus Recruitment Status

Currently looking for

1 Mage 

1 Paladin

1 - 2 Shamans

1 Warrior


Instances Completed...

- Hellfire Ramparts, Hellfire Citadel (HEROIC)

- The Blood Furnance, Hellfire Citadel (HEROIC)

- The Shattered Halls, Hellfire Citadel

- The Slave Pens, Coilfang Reservoir (HEROIC)

- The Underbog, Coilfang Reservoir (HEROIC)

- The Steamvault, Coilfang Reservoir

- Mana-Tombs, Auchindoun (HEROIC)

- Auchindon Crypts, Auchindoun

- Sethekk Halls, Auchindoun

- Shadow Labyrinth, Auchindoun

- The Mechanar, Tempest Keep

- The Botanica, Tempest Keep

- The Arcatraz, Tempest Keep


- Old Hillsbrad, Caverns of Time

- The Black Morass, Caverns of Time


- Karazhan, Killed: Attunmen, Mores, Maiden of Virtue, Big Bad Wolf, Wizard of Oz, The Curator, Chess Event, Terestian Illhoof

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Dominus Slays Ouro

So, after coming back into AQ from the experience that is Naxxramas, our next target we set was Ouro. On our second day of actual focused attempt we were able to slay him. After a 18% wipe, then a 6% wipe, on pretty much our last attempt in terms of NR pot usage we got him, and died to the bugs...classic Dominus Style. This is an aggro controlled fight due to sweeps and sand blasts. Major gratz to Dominus for coming together and taking down the giant worm...good work to Draajen, Nakranoth, Adia, for hold aggro on Ouro, virtually the whole fight.

Loots went to:

Don Rigoberto's Hat - Bhagwan

Skin of the Great Sandworm - Jerazzand

Ouro's Intact Hide - Ladydead

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Dominus Slays Maexnna - Spider Wing Clear

Dominus has slain the spider queen Maexnna...



In almost typical Dominus fashion we almost wiped at the 1% mark, we hit the 2nd Web Wrap at 3% and half the raid died from a Poison Shock, but we managed to Zerg her down with 3 people alive...Thanks to Pyromancer, and Onato for the killing blows, duel outside Orgimmar for bragging rights to the kill shot...I must say this, her lair and her look is, in my mind, the seconds coolest encounter in the game...I have begun to hate C'thun or that would be second...I'm archanpobic so for me, personnally this fight is a bit on edge compared to others....Ragnaros still being my favourite in terms of "epic feel". We tried our hand on Heigan, and after nearly tearing into ourselves on the gauntlet clear to him, we had I guess our only real attempt. I guess we shall see who is a true dancer at heart and who isn't...

Gratz to...

Famine - Descreted Gloves

Tdium - Descreted Gloves

Shazz - Maexnna's Fange


Dominus is Recruiting - (2 Priests - 1 Shaman's - 1 Druid)

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Dominus Downs Noth

Dominus Downs Noth


A fresh week, and another boss downed. Excellent work to everyone that was involved throughout the night. This fight is relatively a techinacal fight, where your dps has to maximize as much dps without pulling aggro when you can. We got him to 73% after first phase, 54% after the 2nd teleport, and 0% with I would say about 10-15 seconds left on the 3rd teleport, I wasn't paying bad. Anyways, after a 6% wipe, where one of our add tanking warriors died, we went back in, and minus some consumables, most of us we were bone dry by then. We pulled through, but only after we yelled at our rogue to step it out...and accordlingly we had our top 5 as all this everytime guys...Tomorrow we work on Maexxena....


Gratz to

Draajen - Descreted Belt

Nicodemus - Noth's Frigid Heart


Dominus is Recruiting:   (Mage)

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Dominus Downs Faerlina

Dominus has killed the Grand Widow Faerlina.

Not too complicated of a fight, where most of the success rests on one man or woman in the fight, your priest on mind control duty. Great job to Famine for the mind controls, as well to Pantz for a clutch mind control, that would of wiped us. Consumables are the difference in this fight, which would be the story in naxx thus far. If you have 2 NR pots, and 2 FR pots, it makes life a whole lot easier.

 Gratz to...

Ralik - Widow's Remorse

Aurochs - Descreted Bindings

Draajen - Splinter of Atesh

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Dominus Downs the Instructor


Tonight, Dominus downed the Instructor...

This fight gives the priests there dying tank mobs. Major gratz to Izzual, and Tdium for stepping up into the mind control positions. It took us a few tries throughout the night to have our priests practice positioning, mind control rotations, and the whatnot. The fight is not hard, and is 100% a gimmick fight, that once you figure out how it is to be done, and you actually practice it, it becomes a fun fight. Next mark in Naxx, is going to be Miss Faerlina. We choose you...

Dominus is Recruting (1 Shaman - 2 Rogues)

Gratz to...

Draajen - Descreted Sandals

Marixa - Whispering Dead

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Dominus Downs Anub'Rekhan

Dominus made its first foray into Naxxramas this week, and has slain the crypt king know as Anub'Rekhan...major gratz Dominus, major gratz.

The fight is relatively easy once everyone has a clear understanding of what's needed to be done, and it really comes down to your main tank, and hunter on this one. Very good work to Ralik, and to Koln...once we fine tuned it a tad, the fight went with only one death. All in all, this fight is not really complicated for the rest of the raid, as its basically a collapse type strat for the locust swarm..


Loot went to

* Quirinus - Band of Unanswered Prayers

* Onato - Desecreted Wristguards

* Draajen - 1st Dominus Splinter of Atiesh




Classes open for recruitment ( Druid - Rogue - Shaman ) 

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Dominus is Recruiting...

Dominus is recruiting various positions for 100% full time raiding experiences. There are several requirements you need to have before you should even consider apping, and are as follows...


- You must be level 60 and keyed to all major instances, this includes The Molten Core, Onyxia, Blackwing Lair, AND Naxxaramas (No exceptions)

- You must have gear equivillent to MC and BWL on farm status this is several pieces of tier 1 and/or tier 2 gear

- You must have a fundamental knowledge of how to play your class in a raid scenario

- You must be able to work OUR Ventrilo

- You must download CT Raid and any mods we deem necessary

- You must be able to raid AT LEAST 4 of the 5 days that we raid....that is sun-thurs (6pm - 11pm) server time

We are currently working on phase 2 C'Thun and are very close. Once we bring C'Thun down to a semi-farm status we are moving 100% full on into Naxx. We do not recruite in mass, we are very precise about who we choose to bring into the guild. If any of this interest's you please continue on to our recruitment thread and feel free to post an app, otherwise thank you for reading...

Amagon - Dominus


Classes Open for Recruitment are as follows: Druid - Shaman -

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Took the Emps to the Cleaners

Twin Emps

Dominus has now downed the Twin Emps tonight at around 12:30am. Thanks to an utterly amazing dedication to the members of this guild, for attempt after attempt to work out all the little kinks, and mesh the raid together to work as a single unit, and down them with a near flawlessly kill. And yes those of you that are wondering, the Dominus Curse hit us again....two not one....but two, 2% wipes due to enrages...geez...

Vek'nilash's Circlet - Draajen
Vek'lor's Diadem - Onato
Amulet of Vek'nilash - Pyromancer
Royal Scepter of Vek'lor - Laszlo

Apparantly they like casters...

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