Awesome Drawings!

Izzy & Makresh's drawings when bored.


by Makresh, Sunday, 07 June 2009 00:58, Comments(1), read all

Yogg-Saron down!

10 man group: Grats on Yogg-saron kill! Now if we can only get our GM to log on for 25s...


by Makresh, Monday, 18 May 2009 05:35, Comments(1), read all
Glory of the Raider

The Undying!

Good job guys on getting "The Undying" achievement tonight. Few more till we get our 310% speed protodrakes! Here's a screenshot of the group:

The Undying

by Makresh, Tuesday, 31 March 2009 12:22, Comments(0), read all
New loot system starting this Tuesday

New Loot System

The new loot system is starting this Tuesday.
According to the results from the poll it looks like loot is going to be handled through the council instead of the Shroud DKP system.
For those of you who do not have access to the forums, private message an officer after creating an account and ask for access. You still have time for your input.

by Makresh, Monday, 19 January 2009 12:21, Comments(0), read all
Guild Mandate

This is an update for new and old members to be reminded of the current Guild Mandate:

To concentrate on 10 man content to build a core group of players who work well together. Long term will be 25 man. We raid but don't want it to be your life.

We believe more in a good team, rather than good loot.

Loot is officer assigned for the time being and changes to handling loot are being discussed at the moment.

If you are new member and have not yet registered to the forums, please do so, communication is key as there are often important guild topics being discussed.

Ventrilo information is available in the Guild Information tab in game. Please try to wear a headset for raids...

I will update announcements as much as needed...

by Makresh, Saturday, 27 December 2008 15:04, Comments(0), read all
Dominus Gaming presents Myth Guild...A World of Warcraft guild.

After taking the plunge into Warhammer, and ultimately backing out of it. We find ourselves coming full circle back to World of Warcraft. With Wraith of the Lich King unveiled we find ourselves back under the Dominus umbrella with Myth Guild.

Welcome to Myth and a new chapter in our ongoing saga of gaming...enjoy Northrend...



by Mael, Saturday, 29 November 2008 00:27, Comments(0), read all
Dominus Launches the Warhammer

A series of Books

Warhammer Launches for us Headstart folks on Sunday the 14th. Our Vent is up and running, as is our forums. Listed below is the offical Warhammer Online server that Dominus will be making its home. It was decided that the best place for us is indeed an open rvr server, well simply because that's what me plan on doing here is pvp. So over the next few days we will get things settled in our new home, and I'll see you in game...

Server Details:   (Open RvR) Dark Crag

Dominus is currently seeking all classes for inclusion.

Please send a Tell to either Thazul, or Mael in game for further information.

by Mael, Saturday, 13 September 2008 17:29, Comments(0), read all
Sept 18...We Cometh


For over a year, we have wandered....for over a year, we have searched....and for over a year, we have...hungered. The remains of a shattered bastion of power, collect again at the doorsteps of war. It is here, and it is now, where Dominus shall etch its history and myth in the worlds of Warhammer. It is here, and it is now, where we bind together again, and enter a new world, a world ripe for conflict and ripe for destruction. The scenario is perfect, and the time could not be better. The call hath been placed, and it has been answered. The vortex shall be opening soon, and we shall give overselves over to the world of Warhammer Online...


***** Headstart Details! *****

Can't get enough of Open Beta but you're ready to finally start your journey in the Age of Reckoning?
Starting Sunday, September 14th all Collectors Edition Pre-Order players will be invited to join us as we kick off WAR and officially end Open Beta.
On Tuesday, September 16th all Standard Edition Pre-Order players will join the ranks of Collectors Edition players as we prepare to release WAR to the world next Thursday, September 18th.
Make sure you've used your Open Beta code to download the client from FilePlanet and have registered your Head Start code in the Mythic Account Center so you don't miss a minute of action!

WAR is Coming - We'll see you there!




by Mael, Friday, 05 September 2008 18:44, Comments(0), read all
Blizzard Downs Dominus

After clearing MC, BWL, progressing in AQ and NAXX to now clearing Kara and Gruul, Dominus has decided to close it's doors as and active raiding guild.

 We will still be around the server but not as a Raiding guild. To everyone who has been a part of the Guild we had a blast.



by Draajen, Wednesday, 30 May 2007 03:17, Comments(0), read all
Dominus Downs Gruul

Part two of the Gruul's Lair encounter was completed on Monday, March 26th. Gruul was slain by the dominus force. This encounter, as most people may know, is a dps race, and a gear check on your raid. Killing Gruul before he kills your main tank, off tank, and your raid. 3.3 million hit points in about 6 minutes or damage on the main tank becomes a bit unbearable. On one of our attempts I got hit for about 10K, normal damage. Its balls to wall dps, ala, patchwerk...keel him before he keels you...

 Loots went as follows:

- Lovetofarm : Gauntlets of the Dragonslayer

- Seiqua : Leggings of the Fallen Champion

- Speedzz : Eye of Gruul


Dominus is Recruiting 

3 Paladin (Holy)

1 Priest (Holy)

2 Druid (Restoration)

1 shaman (Restoration)

2 Warlock

1 Hunter

To apply make an account on the forums then send an in game message to Draajen, Amagon or Kap in order ot get access to put an application up.

by Mael, Wednesday, 28 March 2007 01:28, Comments(0), read all
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