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About Dominus

Welcome to our Site

"I am Dominus and in unity and committment we shall succeed where others would fail. I will stand with my brothers and sisters in the darkest corners of this land to search out the path to conquest. I will hold close my ideologies from the foundations that we have set forth as "the way" and we will not falter. I will lend aid to those that need it, for it will circle back to me when I am in need of it. I am one in unity and with us all....I Dominus"

Dominus is a premier, high end gaming guild. We strive to create an honest and unified family of elite gamers. Within the hallowed walls of Dominus is a collection of committed brothers and sisters that are etching out a mythos on these stone tablets of history. From the flowing energies inside us all we have the strength to become one unity, "I Dominus". We are currently turning our attentions to the upcoming Mythic Entertainment title Warhammer Online. More details on where we will be setting ourselves up is to come.

Dominus is also a pvp orienated guild, this is why we have chosen Warhammer Online. We do however relize that everyone will pvp in there own way, some many tend to be casual, some may tend to spend most if not all their time in hostile lands. There is a home for both types of players. There is no stead fast rules in Dominus, save one...Treat your guild members like you, yourself wish to be treated.

Joining Dominus:

1) Check the status of recruitment on our forum.
2) Our needs are based on the classes we have.

New members:

1) Register on the forum.
2) Once logged in, send a Private Message to Thazul and request forum access.
3) Read the instructions for setting up voice chat using Ventrilo.


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